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Welcome to the rest and the best of your life! I’m so glad that you made the decision to make a positive change in your life. From now on, every step you take towards that change, towards that shift that is needed to catapult you to the next level, a higher level…HAS TO BE INTENTIONAL!!! You have to make a choice to be happy. You have to make a decision to make a change for the better and you have to DO IT ON PURPOSE!!

Sometimes in life, people feel stuck. Like a car in the mud. As your coach, I come along to give you that push that you need to get going again and move forward. I’m your cheerleader in the corner. I don’t sugar coat. I don’t always tell you what you want to hear. I offer suggestions and tell you what you need to hear to jump off of the hamster wheel. That may be uncomfortable at times. It may make you angry at times. That’s okay. When you have lived your life with a mindset you are comfortable with, rewiring your brain and thought processes to change your perspective and your life isn’t easy and will not happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day so you can’t possibly expect to change overnight! The beauty of it all is that Practice Makes Habit!! We are not looking for perfection.

You are human. With enough intentional effort, a little faith in yourself and trust in what I do, you will get there. You will get to the goals that you desire that we will set together. I’ll be cheering for you even when you don’t feel like cheering for yourself.

The time to invest in yourself is N-O-W. Tomorrow does not exist yet. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says about you. What do YOU say? What is it that YOU need to get F.O.C.U.S.E.D. on? Are you worth the investment? Sure you are! Let’s get started…I am Marica L. Floyd, MFT, CPMMC, CGS, CAMS-II.


Grief and Loss Coaching

Coaching designed to assist with understanding the process of grief and its overall impact. The ultimate goal is to help one navigate from mourning to resilience.

Anger Management Coaching

Coaching designed to assist with understanding the root and impact of anger and the emotions anger protects us from while identifying solutions to move forward.

Co-Parenting Coaching

Coaching designed to assist separated or divorced parents with keeping the child(ren) as the primary focus in the parenting relationship as new goals, roles, and boundaries are defined and understood.

Positive Mind Coaching

Coaching designed to demonstrate how positive outcomes begin with positive thinking which in turn leads to positive emotions that influence positive behaviors.

Solution Focused Coaching

Coaching designed to focus on solutions and positive outcomes rather than remaining stuck on problems and ineffective thought processes and behavior patterns that keep us trapped on the hamster wheel.

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Unexpected Treat

Ms. Floyd met with our team to provide a grief workshop. We came not knowing what to expect but left feeling educated, rejuvenated, and more familiar with our team members on a personal level. She focused on us and how our experiences shape our work. We are calling her back for more. -Support Staff

She hits the mark every week

Marica is always on time and helps with goal setting to make sure they are clear and realistic. She calls me out on my stuff but is always professional about it. She is not afraid to tell me what I don’t want to hear. I need it. She is supportive. Need that too. She keeps me motivated and gives practical steps to make goals feel reachable. J.I.


The tools she gave me still resonate…

I met Marica over a year ago and have been hooked ever since.  The techniques and tools that she has given me resonate within me on a regular basis.  While assisting me with my issues, I suffered a loss in my family.  She swept in as a "Grief Counselor". A year later, my husband and I pursued her services for Couples Coaching.  Marica makes you become accountable for your actions.  She actively listens to your concerns and helps you find the answer that's always been there.  Her words are genuine; she really does care.  She makes you feel safe and secure through her words of encouragement and understanding.  She gives you more than the services written on the page.  She gives you comfort.  She gives you practical solutions.  She gives you all of herself through this coaching service.

S. T.

Would Highly Recommend

This service was greater than I could have ever imagined, thoughtful, curious, insightful, help me a greater deal and I could have ever imagined, gave me great Insight excellent coaching and it was absolutely life changing with the services provided I would highly recommend to anyone under any circumstance

Rob. S.


Guy Lejowa