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The process of separation and divorce is a defining moment of your child’s life. What the moment means and how this process will look for your child will be determined by how both parents choose to handle the issues and challenges that lie  ahead.

You and your child’s other parent are the role models for how your child will move forward in their own relationships. We repeat most of what we learn. What examples are you setting as parents who plan to or have already separated? What is your child learning from you? The child is the primary or only reason that a relationship between the parents must continue. Some of us may need to co-parent with someone we don’t like very much. That is a reality that most co-parents live with daily. How are you handling that reality? We will explore how to handle and navigate your way through this process. You and your child’s other parent are in more control of the outcome and what this process looks like for your child than you think.

Coaching is provided in this area to educate both parents on the impact that separation and divorce have on children of all ages and to help sort through the emotions, identify your new roles as “partners in parenting”, and develop effective goals with the child in mind to prevent collateral damage.

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