Marica L. Floyd

MFT, CPMMC, CAMS-II, Certified Grief Educator


I have 25 years of experience guiding, coaching, teaching, mentoring, training and INSPIRING!! I am a Certified Positive Mind Management Coach trained to look at things from a positive perspective. I will guide you along your journey assisting you with finding solutions that were always there. You just could not see them, or you were possibly avoiding or ignoring them. My role is to help you to take your blinders off. I’m here to help you discover, or rediscover, the key to your box of superpowers that you have always had. As your coach and consultant, I will help you to discover how your thoughts impact your emotions and how your emotions drive your behaviors.
I have a wealth of experience to include Grief and Loss Certification. Sometimes we feel lost, confused, dark, angry, hopeless, guilty, or helpless after loss. Grief can be a very lonely place. You may feel isolated or feel that others don’t understand your journey with loss. You are right. Your journey is YOUR journey. It cannot be compared. Whether you have experienced a loss through the death of a loved one, the loss of a spouse or partner through separation or divorce, the loss of a job, or even the loss and adjustment experienced after retirement, grief and loss both come in many forms. I can help. Are you ready? I’m here when you are…


I am also certified in Anger Management which means that I have the ability to help you discover what emotions lie beneath your anger. Did you know that anger is a secondary emotion? You probably believed that you experienced anger first. Well, you might think that way if you have been angry for so long that it now feels natural. Like anger has been there all along. Well, it’s easier to be angry than it is to deal with the true emotions that anger usually protects us from: Abandonment, Hurt, Rejection, Sadness, Embarrassment, Disappointment, Frustration, Hopelessness, Fear, Defeat, Devastation, Confusion, feeling Overwhelmed…ok, did I strike a nerve yet? That’s ok. My role is to help you identify and acknowledge what those underlying feelings are. Then you and I will develop a plan to address and overcome those underlying feelings in order to decrease and manage your anger. Are you ready? Sure you are. The question is: Are you willing? I’m waiting…

I have a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. That means that I am able to look at things from a larger perspective outside of just you. Not only am I able to gain insight about you as an individual but I am also able to gain perspective and insight on a larger scale to determine how you, the choices you make, or your mindset are impacted by family, friends, old or faulty beliefs, upbringing, social groups or even your environment.

Your beliefs and patterns of behavior did not just fall out of the sky! We tend to do what we have learned somewhere down the line even if we have merely revised what we have learned or what our loved ones have taught us. Think of it as the reboot of an old television program or the remix of an old song. We take patterns passed down from generations only to add our own version over time, most times.

My compassion for others, my life experiences, my insight and wisdom all help me to build relationships. My education and training help me with approach and delivery. I’m looking forward to beginning this journey with you.

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